Cadaver Club – It’s Always The Quiet Ones (CD album)

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Released: 28th October 2016
Label: Pirate Heart Records

“Come in, come in. Light a candle and join us for another thrilling episode in the (after)lives of every body’s favourite Cadavers. Snap your fingers and your neck to our toe tapping, knuckle wrapping, coffin slamming, soul damning, diabolical cemetery sounds. The Devil has all the best tunes but we have access to his library and remember, it ain’t over till you’re written in stone. Welcome, once again Gravediggers, to the Club. We’ll see you in your cold, dead dreams…”

’It’s Always The Quiet Ones’ is the second album from Irish horror punk rockers Cadaver Club. Following on from their critically acclaimed debut ’A Fate Worse Than Life’, it features 13 more infectious Funeral Punk anthems from this unique quartet.

Track list:

1. Afraid Of Me
2. Penny Dreadful
3. Transylvania Twist
4. Southern Cemetery
5. The Dead Ringers
6. Follow Me To Hell
7. The Coppercomb Witch
8. When Your Friends Just Won’t Stay Dead
9. Murder Of Crows
10. The Quiet Ones
11. Twilight Of The Gods
12. Hellhounds On Your Trail
13. See You On The 31st


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