Cadaver Club – A Fate Worse Than Life (CD album)

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Released: 31st October 2013
Label: Pirate Heart Records

The debut release from the one and only Funeral Band. 13 original tales of woe on an album that boasts vampires, werewolves, ghost stories and sea shanties, all set to blistering punk rock so contagious, it makes the ebola virus look like the sniffles.

1. I’m Making a Monster, Baby
2. Do You Dig Graves?
3. Dead Air
4. Lunatic In Love
5. No End To Me
6. Vampires Ain’t What They Used To Be
7. Sally’s Curse
8. Bat Among The Pigeons
9. My First Hate
10. Where Dreams Go To Die
11. My Rictus Smile
12. Salem’s Lot
13. The Warnings


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